“We will either find a way, or make one” - Hannibal

Tigersolv is the UK’s leading provider of Debt Management Software with clients large and small in this country and spreading all over the world from Canada to New Zealand.

Tigersolv has been in business for over 10 years and is wholly owned by Steve and Christine Kelleher-Brown. We have a hard-working team of 14 keeping Debtsolv at the forefront of the latest developments in Debt Management and IVAs. We are based near Bolton right near the heart of the UK Debt Management Industry.

We first started writing Debt Management Software when Steve worked as a contractor programming the Gregory Pennington system SHIVA in 1999. He was approached to write new software for a division of Horizon Finance and created Debtsolv in 2000. Steve built the team over the next few years by taking excellent raw talent and nurturing them as they grew to be company in the old fashioned sense of the word. With a few additions of experienced programmers and head hunting some great Debt Management and IVA specialists for the support team, Tigersolv has all the key ingredients that make a stable and successful company.

Over the years we have seen some small companies spawned and turn into Giants in the industry (Churchwood Financial is an amazing example of how Debtsolv can be instrumental in the development from a 3-man band to a multi-million pound organisation) We still pay a lot of attention to our smaller clients and treat them all the same because we know that more success stories will be born from these too.

You might think that It’s blowing our trumpet a bit, but We think the team is the biggest asset of our company. The people that you interact with as a client of Tigersolv will be the reason you recommend us to other users. No piece of software is ever perfect for everybody but poor support can be a disaster. Thankfully our technical support and 1st line support teams are approachable, knowledgeable and not too geeky either.

Our plans for the future will see us adding products that support Debtsolv but don’t take us too far from our core business; Call Centre Features, CRM, Web Interfaces and New Media Messaging systems will be where we see our focus for the future. We aim to remain as the major force in Debt Software Solutions and we hope our competitors continue to despise us as much as they do at the moment – It must mean that we still are replacing them all over the country.

Enough of these ramblings, if you want to talk more about debt stuff then call us on 01204 697 000 and maybe we can persuade you that Tigersolv is a company you can grow with.

P.S. if this has given you the idea that you might want to buy the company … Sorry but we haven’t finished playing yet.