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For many years we have been extolling the virtues of presenting client data from Debtsolv on the web, now that dream has become a reality.

Weblynx is a 3-way web interface that is designed to save you time and money and make your business have the professional edge over the competition.

The website components that make up the Weblynx system are designed to enhance your existing website and manage data flowing between a database on your network server and a separate, secure database hosted on your web server.

Weblynx is not part of the Debtsolv system but can integrate seamlessly with it to extend your Debtsolv capability to the internet.

Weblynx allows access to an encrypted subset of your Debtsolv database hosted on the web.

This customisable web interface is available to:
  • Your potential Clients
  • Your Clients
  • Your Introducers/Partners
  • Your Client's Creditors

Potential clients can enter their applications online which are imported directly into the Leadpool or Debtsolv for you to contact them immediately.

Your “agreed” clients can view their details online, get statements, send messages and request changes to their creditor or contact details.

Your Introducers get their own mini site that allows them access to status and commission reports at any time of the day without the need for you to create them. They can upload their introductions by XML or enter the details directly using a web application that can even evaluate the suitability of the client for different financial plans (using a customisable evaluation system).

Creditors that have your permission can view their client’s details, messages from you and also signed authorities online (file-space permitting).

The Weblynx sites are user-friendly and uncluttered allowing you room for advertising if you wish. Because of their ease-of-use they should take a lot of pressure off your administrators and reduce the number of telephone calls and letters needed.

Because of the nature of your relationship with your introducers, the sites can be customised to offer unique selling points and styles. “White labelling” of the sites could encourage your users to sell Financial plans in clients’ homes on a laptop. Clients can be agreed online and the “Pack” can be created as a PDF and emailed in seconds back to the introducer.

The web is an essential part of 21st century communications; don’t get left behind. Call us Now on 01204 697 000 and get connected.