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For a long time there has only been a couple of choices for Insolvency Practitioners and none of them have addressed the needs of an IVA factory properly

Things have changed

Because we have started from a Debt Management background, it has taken us a while to fully implement the features needed to make Debtsolv work well for IVAs and Trust Deeds but we have taken a massive leap forward with our latest version.

Debtsolv now automates the fee charging processes and accounts for many of the major fee modifications using standard processes. We have added new wizards to automate the production of proposals while still maintaining the ability to craft the human elements that are essential to producing a real IVA proposal or Trust deed.

Process Management features helps you track the cases through Drafting and through to the supervision stages. Additional security built into the process modelling allows you to restrict groups of users from accessing the client in sensitive stages.

Reporting is now even easier with Debtsolv. Chairman’s reports containing all the Modifications are customisable and statutory reports (Reg 13, Annual reports etc) can be exported in a variety of formats for sending by email if required.

Integrated features manage the Bonding of cases; the production of files for submission to your Insurers are a Standard feature.

The Client cashbooks import data from your bank statements and show clearly the breakdown of Contributions, Fees, Disbursement and Dividends. Debtsolv creates its own Invoices and manages the order of payment of the invoiced items.

NEW: The scheduling and production of Dividends has been recently improved to assist with many of our existing client’s Protocol-Compliant proposals.

What DOESN’T Debtsolv IVA do??

It doesn’t cater for Corporate Insolvency - sorry it specialises in IVA and Trust Deeds.

Whilst we initially thought that coming from a Debt Management background would cause us problems, it has given us an approach that keeps us focussed on efficiency: Debt management pays out every month and IVA Dividend modifications are moving closer and closer to the way a Debt Management Plan has to be managed – So we are finding that this puts us at a distinct advantage.

We have taken a long time to get here, but now we’re proud of our IVA system
Compare us against ANY other insolvency package on the market and prepare to be impressed at how much time, money and hassle we can save you.

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