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Debtsolv is the UK’s favourite Debt Management and IVA Software System.

Proven time and again against our competitors, Debtsolv has been the choice of some of the country’s leading Debt Management Companies. It can fully meet the needs of your Debt management or IVA business and has hundreds of Time-saving features that allow you to work on growing your business while Debtsolv looks after the day-to-day routine of Managing the clients, their debts, the payments and security. Debtsolv records your clients, their payments, creditors, monthly income and outgoings and all relevant information needed for your Debt Management or IVA business. All correspondence you have with the client is stored with ease and sending or configuring letters, faxes, emails and SMS can be achieved with just the click of a button (or two)

Debtsolv is one of the industries best kept secrets: In recent evaluations against our competitors, users voted it “…the most complete package available…”

Some of Debtsolv 12's newest features include:
  • Enhanced Template Driven Proposal Wizard
  • Comprehensive Invoicing Modules
  • Interactive scan/archive utility
  • Improved Email, Fax and SMS Messaging tools
  • Advanced BACS features to make paying out by BACS even more flexible

For more information on Debtsolv or any other of Tigersolv's products and services call 01204 697 000, email: or let us contact you.

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Key Features of Debtsolv:
  • Allows the management of a wealth of Client Information
  • Automatically calculates pro rata payments to Creditors for payment distribution
  • Integrates with major Bank data formats to manage payments in and out
  • Manages and records Client correspondence by post, fax, email and SMS
  • Integrated Diary keeps time management simple and traceable.
  • Structured Process flow manages and tracks the progression of every client
  • Scans and Archives Documents for easy retrieval (paperless office? You never know)
  • Controls User Access to give you piece of mind by limiting features to authorised staff only
  • Rich Reporting options making best use of our superbly organised database structure
  • Does NOT use an online database - so gives you enhanced speed and reliability.
  • Above ALL else Debtsolv is simple to use and finding Staff with Debtsolv skills is becoming easier all the time – Just ask the recruitment agents.

Please Click on the images below to see larger, more detailed pictures of Debtsolv forms
Financial Statement
Financial Statement
Client Payment Data
Client Payment Data
Payments Suite
Payments Suite
Diary Suite
Diary Suite
Reports Suite
Reports Suite
Lead Pool Suite
Lead Pool Suite

OK ... I want to buy Debtsolv, what do I get for my money?

First of all can we say ... "What a great choice" The Installed Suite of programs that will make up your Debtsolv system are:

  1. The Debtsolv Program
    A copy of this is installed on each PC. This is the main program and allows all administration, payment and reporting functions to be accessed.
  2. The Print Manager
    Usually only 1 copy of this is needed per office. It controls the printing of Standard Correspondence and Cheques from the system. (additional copies are available for a nominal price).
  3. The Debtsolv Database
    This is a Microsoft SQL Server compatible database to hold your Clients' data and provide transaction-based functions for the safe processing of payments.
  4. Bolt-On Utilities
    Several Bolt-On Utilities are becoming available for Debtsolv and some are included free of charge.
    The Bolt-On options include:
    • Utilities to download your banking statements directly into Debtsolv.
    • Utilities to allow importing of Client details from your Lead Sources/Brokers in varying formats.
    • Messaging Plug-Ins to allow sending of emails and faxes using your preferred methods.
    • Utilities to archive old/irrelevant Client entries.
  5. Reports
    A large selection of reports have been created for Debtsolv, all currently available reports can be included in your installation. More reports can be commissioned if you require in the future.
  6. Letter/Fax/Email Templates
    The majority of administration work involves written correspondence with Clients and Creditors. Debtsolv automates a large part of this work with Standard Templates. A set of Debtsolv-enabled documents is included with your installation. The Debtsolv Manual explains how to create new letters, emails etc... and modify existing ones, giving you instant flexibility.
  7. Printed Cheque Templates
    Cuts out the donkey work of writing out and tracking hundreds of cheques every month, all you have to do is sign them ... and even that can be automated.
    Even if you don't use A4 printed cheque paper, Debtsolv uses the cheque printing feature to print remittance slips to send to Creditors along with their payments.
  8. The Debtsolv Manuals and User Guides
    A guide to using and configuring your Debtsolv system. These resources are available online at the Tigersolv Website to registered Users.
  9. Tigersolv Website and Forum Registration
    Tigersolv Clients are given special access to certain areas of the Tigersolv website. The webiste is constantly expanding and will be a resource for you to use for support queries, downloading latest updates and new features, raising queries and checking invoices. In 2009 a Debtsolv Forum was launched to promote and consolidate the growing community of Debtsolv Users. This Forum continues to grow as more new members are joining each month.
  10. Support
    One of the most valuable features of your Debtsolv contract is the support we offer. Being the Developers of the system, we know exactly how and why it works. We can offer help with difficult procedures and suggest time-saving processes in a personal and friendly way. Our lines aren't open 24 hours, but if you're stuck, we're not going to bite your head off on Sunday morning for interrupting breakfast to talk you through a change to a new feature (as long as it's not EVERY Sunday!!).
    New features are always being developed and many of them will be made available to existing Client's at no extra cost.
    Custom development is also available if you require some special feature that doesn't already exist. (This will usually involve additional charges).

So what is going to cost me extra?

Well ... that depends on the level of customisation you require.
Under normal circumstances, you shouldn’t need anything else.

The things you may feel that you need customising beyond what is included might include:
  • A new telesales script with a totally different set of data to capture.
  • A new addition to the Utilities ... e.g. A Utility to Export Client Details in a customised Excel spreadsheet for Referral purposes.
  • A new report that is not covered by any of the existing options.
  • An additional field in the Lead Data tab for something you normally record.
  • A new Scheduler Utility to automate certain time-intensive processes.

Any of these sorts of changes require re-development of parts of the program and therefore may cost extra.
Where we can we will try and utilise existing options to give the lowest costs possible.
Debtsolv is licenced so you pay a monthly charge to use the system that helps us to maintain and support Debtsolv and also implement new features. After your initial 1-year contract expires, you only have to give 3 months notice of termination if you decide to retire with your fortune made and emigrate to the Bahamas.

If you require any further information about Debtsolv then please Contact Us.