I have used Debtsolv from Tigersolv for some time now and although we are a small Debt Management Company, we use a lot of the Features. The programme for Debt Management is pretty vast and regardless of how your company operates, there are features to cover everything.

We started using Debtsolv after we had already started trading, so what we had was doing things that didn’t fit perfectly in with the way Debtsolv ran, which is where this software really separates itself from competitors, as it is very flexible. The technical support throughout the setup and on-going is exceptional and very quick.

There are always new features being added and updates, as the industry changes and Tigersolv clients need different things, they keep ahead of the games and make changes, updates and modifications to ensure we can do what we need to as a businesses.

I had always avoided software companies in the past because of the prices, but they were much cheaper than many others and seemed to do much more. After checking with other DMC owners I found they had a great rep and decided to give them a try. The main driving force was the payment facilities, as I was doing thousands of payments manually and was really struggling. Despite regretting not going with Tigersolv sooner, I really appreciated what they did and the ease and protection you get from their software, after struggling by myself for so long.

I would definitely recommend the team at Tigersolv and would happily speak to any small businesses weighing up their options and considering the move.

Managing Director
Fresh Start UK


“We have been using Debtsolv for 6 years now and it really has taken £1,000’s off our potential salary costs each year. They have been able to keep up with and most of the time ahead of the market in terms of usability and additional features like the “Weblynx” for both clients and introducers. Also they were able to set up the system to automatically send new financial statements every time an arrangement expired which ensures our clients are getting the best service possible.

The support staff are second to none and they handle my constant badgering with ease and are very quick with getting any issues resolved even when most of the problems are caused by me!

Every time a new update comes out they are quick to release it with any new features that can help their clients, also you can see your suggestions about previous versions coming through in the updates which shows that they actually listen to their clients.

Steve is available to have a chat whenever necessary if it about his product or even if you just want a chat about the current market he will lend a hand and try to point you in the right direction while not giving away any of his other clients secrets.

We had looked at other Debt Management Software and it just does not compete with the full product that Tigersolv provide with Debtsolv and I do not think our company would have been able to last this long without Debtsolv.”

Conor Mcgivern
General Manager
Refresh Debt Solutions

Money Matcher

“Tigersolv are always willing to go the extra mile for their clients. They maintain a high standard of professionalism whilst delivering results. Most importantly their rapid development and release cycle means they’re always ahead of the curve, keeping their clients one step ahead of the competition.”

Managing Director
Money Matcher

 Debt Advice Unit

We contacted Tigersolv back in 2010 to provide a bespoke system to progress claims management alongside Debt management. With us being a small business at the time we wanted to work with a company who understood our business model and who had the ability to be flexible and adaptable to change as we grew in the market.

Tigersolvs support team were great they are always there when we need them and came up with a system that fitted our requirements but also kept the great features that they currently had in their Debt Management software.

We work very closely with Tigersolv and they are like an extended addition to our business, if we need to go and meet to discuss idea’s they are always happy to do so but more importantly they are happy to come to us to make sure we are getting the most out of the software and being as productive as possible – which is not something that happens with all business partners.

I would definitely recommend the team at Tigersolv they are supportive, professional and understand the market which allows them to keep developing their system to ensure keeping ahead of the market

Danyelle Lynch
Operations Manager
The Debt Advice Unit