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The Financial Services Industry is well known for churning through thousands of records in the search for those elusive lucrative clients. These data records also have a tendency to be stored in varying places and different formats; spreadsheets, text files even paper! Lead pool provides an ideal way to hive all your data in a format that is perfect for reporting on, recalling quickly and integrating with a CRM application.

Leadpool also Integrates with Debtsolv as a way of capturing data at the front end of your business and keeping it safe without clogging up your main Debtsolv database.

Leadpool is a customisable stand-alone application with its own separate Database structure. It is Tigersolv’s only bespoke application platform allowing you to customise the Hive engine to model how your business processes its leads.

Several import methods are available:
  • Text File (CSV, Tab-Delimited, Fixed Width etc...)
  • XML (A Web-Centric complex and flexible methodology)
  • Manual Input (Data Entry Screens)
  • Active X Interface (A programmable method to integrate with your in-house application)
  • Email Import (connects to Outlook to search the contents of formatted emails)

Pseudial Technology

Because some of you are not yet ready for the expense of a full telephone dialler system, Leadpool can use customised algorithms to present your leads in the most effective way to you. For example a Client worth £400 pounds in expected fees (because of whatever you sell) who applied 10 days ago will be lower in priority than a client worth £100 in fees who applied only 30 seconds ago on the internet.

It’s a logic engine like this that can model your innovative marketing style in the best way. The Leadpool Pseudial logic can sample at different rates and present the data to the users ready for them to Dial manually, with a TAPI (network telephone) interface or even connect with a real predictive or progressive Dialler (Like Touchstar or Amcat).

True diallers are great for dialling anonymous data but having your business logic built into the Pseudial engine gives an extra level of intelligence to your call centre solution.

Debtsolv XT users have a free (Single-campaign) version of Leadpool bundled into the software which keeps the Leadpool leads separate from agreed cases.

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